Working papers

  • Robust Inference in Short Linear Panels with Fixed Effects with Endogenous Covariates in a Spatial Setting (Job Market Paper - PDF).

Work in progress

  • Estimation of Correlated Random Effects Models with Spatial Panels and Missing Data.
  • Gravity Type Models with Endogenous Explanatory Variables: a Correlated Random Effects Approach.
  • Bootstrapping Inference with Spatial Panel Data.

Research Assistance

Michigan State University

  • Dr. Carl Davidson, University Distinguished Professor of Economics and
    Dr. Chun Zhu, Professor of Economics, Summer 2023 - Present.

  • Dr. Richard Baillie, A.J. Pasant Professor of Economics, Summer 2020 and Summer 2023.

  • Dr. Lisa D. Cook, Professor of Economics and International Relations, Fall 2020 - Summer 2022.

International Monetary Fund

  • Dr. Emine Boz and
    Dr. Jaebin Ahn, January 2018 - May 2018.